8 May 2020

WHO Claims That Covid-19 May Have Originates From Wuhan Market And Not Wuhan Laboratory

World Health organisation in a major press release today has said that the wholesale market of Wuhan in China played a major role in the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic.

However the Chinese government have ordered a temporary ban in the Wuhan wholesale market in January this year and right now the trade in wildlife has been banned completely.

A WHO expert Dr Peter has said that this may be a consequence that most of the cases that were found were in and around Wuhan market.  It may be a source or a amplifying setting that most of the cases were in and around this market.

It is still unclear that the wild animals aur vendors and shopkeepers may have brought this virus to the Wuhan market.

But US Secretary has earlier said that there is an ample amount of evidence that this virus may have its links from Wuhan laboratories.  But nothing can be said with uncertainty.

WHO representative has said that no public evidence has been seen in the cases which are reported from China that this virus could have been evolved from Wuhan laboratories. 

Thus WHO in today's statement has dismissed the claim of US Secretary that the present condition has been a part of China's conspiracy.  

The WHO is not supporting the claim of US Secretary and US government inputting China under any kind of constraints.

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