14 May 2020

Woman Travelled With Dead Body Of Husband Who Later Tests Positive For COVID-19

Heart wrenching news has been coming from Lucknow where a woman travelled with the dead body of her husband for 6 hours in train.

As reported earlier one Mumbai best photographer travel to his hometown in Uttar Pradesh in shramik Express and on his journey way back home passed away due to cardiac arrest.

His wife came to know about the incident when she try to wake him up at 8:30 a.m. in the morning and he didn't responded.

After that all the authority and senior officials were called in and the body was taken at the Lucknow where railway station to the hospital for autopsy.  

And now when the autopsy reports are out it showed that the person who passed away in the train was Covid positive.  

Now the doctors and the senior officials have acted and have send around 200 persons for quarantine.

According to a senior official Vinod Upadhyay (44) of Gosaiganj in Ayodhya worked as a photographer in Gateway Of India and when the lockdown struck he, his wife and along with one of the relative boarded the train to his home town.

On his way back he passed away due to unknown reasons. 

The KGMU staff at the hospital including government doctors have been quarantined.  The passengers of the train, relatives, TT, train staff also have been quarentined.  Their samples have also been taken.  The post mortem house has also been closed and sanitized.

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