9 Jun 2020

China Foreign Spokesperson In A Tweet Has Said That Both The Countries Living In Harmony

Reports have been coming in from Chinese Foreign Minister office where a spokesperson from the Ministry Hua Chunying in a media interference have said that the tensions which of prevailing between India and China has now been resolved.

According to the Minister China and India has resolved the ongoing tensions between the borders and line of actual control between both the countries bye buy the regular communication been done between both the countries.

The issues which were ongoing between India and China has been resolved through communication between diplomatic and military channels.   

Now it has been expected and agreed that both the countries will have regular checks and communication between the border areas.

The meeting was arranged that Chushul Moldo and eastern Ladakh was discussed in the meeting between both the countries on June 06, 2020.

He further added that that now both the countries are living in harmony and the border tension and dispute which have aroused have now been resolved.   

The border areas is now stable and under control.

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