11 Jun 2020

Draft Prepared By NCERT And Submitted To Central Government To Open School And Colleges

Covid-19 have left many things and the lives of people changed.  There was an out spread covid-19 the country had experienced 2 months total lockdown.  

Because of lockdown all the schools and colleges were also closed.  And now when the Government of India has been slowly opening the lock down with unlock 1.0 a draft has now been prepared to open school and colleges.

According to the suggestions given to Central Government by NCERT in opening schools and colleges the classes will now run on odd and even basis.

The classes will run on 3-3 days basis.  The students and teachers will be sanitized before entering the schools and colleges.   And thermal screening will be done.

The students will have to maintain social distance and if the norms of covid-19 is not followed their parents would be intimated.

The classes will not run enclosed rooms but it will be held in open grounds.  The students will have to bring their sanitizer and will have to wear mask compulsory.  

There will be no morning assembly and annual functions in the schools and colleges.  Students will not be able to share pen pencils and their difference among classmates.  Food stalls can't be opened outside the schools.

The schools and colleges will be directed to follow these norms and strict action will be taken if these norms are not followed.

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