16 Jun 2020

Good News: Corona Will End Soon After Eclipse

Currently the whole world is struggling with the outspread of Corona.  There is continuation of deaths across the country. The number of corona infected has also crossed 3 lakh.  Corona has caused an outcry in the whole world.  Meanwhile, a good news has emerged.  A Chennai scientist has claimed that after the solar eclipse of December 26 will stop the havoc of the corona.

 According to reports, the scientist has claimed that due to the fission energy emitted after the December 26 solar eclipse, the corona's cell will start to die after a mutated particle contact of the neutron.  This claim has been made by nuclear and earth scientist Dr. K L Sundar.  He says that after the solar eclipse on December 26, the solar system has a planetary configuration with new alignment.  Because of which this virus has originated from the upper atmosphere.  The scientist claims that the solar eclipse on June 21 may  break the corona outspread.

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