13 Jun 2020

India Between Russia And China

China is considered to be responsible for spreading the Corona virus in the world.  Many countries are breaking the ties of their with China, and are shaking hands with India.  But friendship with some countries can make India loose its oldest friend.  

Here we are talking about India and Russia, whose friendship is famous all over the world.  China has now came in between this friendship that has been going on since the time of World War.

 Apart from China, America is also the reason for the rift between this friendship.  Actually, there is a very good friendship between PM Modi and US President Donald Trump.  At the same time, there has never been a friendship relationship between Russia and America. 

In such a situation, Russia is starting to distance itself from India.

Constantin Kosachev, head of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee of Russia and MP, says that Russia will never join any group targeting China.  One thing is clear from this that if India ever takes any big step against China, then Russia will not come to help India.

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