13 Jun 2020

Fight Between Bread And Paratha In Corona Time

 While the whole world is fighting a war against the corona virus, on the other hand, there is a war in India over bread and parathas.  Actually, a new order has been issued in Karnataka regarding GST.  This order states that there is a difference between roti and paratha, therefore, there will be 5 per cent GST on roti and 18 per cent GST on paratha. According to media reports, the Advance Rollings Authority of Karnataka has decided that Kerala's Malabar paratha will be charged18 per cent  GST.

 Taking a decision on this, the bench decided to impose separate GST on roti and paratha. 

The paratha on which the GST is levied here is ready to cook politics.  On this matter, a user tweeted that the world is looking for a cure for corona virus, and our GST officers are busy finding the difference between roti and paratha.  And now people are making fun of this decision on social media.

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