13 Jun 2020

Successful Test Of Covid Drug On Monkeys

Reports are coming in that Corona medicine will be soon available as it is successfully tested on monkeys.

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading all over the country & world. Scientist of the country and  world have not yet been able to find a cure for this pandemic.

Some places in the globe invention of vaccine is at its peak but at the same time Corona patients are being treated only with basic medication available. Reports are also coming from America, that America research have found it a drug which proved effective in fighting the coronavirus in monkeys. With this medicine researches have hope that this drug may soon prove to be a cure for coronavirus.

The trial of this medicine has already started on patients. The antiviral drug Remedacevir has reduced the speed of spread of virus in monkeys who were infected with coronavirus and this drug has effective to stop lung disease. Some researchers are also saying that the use of this drug in Corona infected patients in the early stage can be an effective treatment.

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