17 Jun 2020

Labour Court Direct Ashok Leyland To Pay Rupees 4 Lacs Compensation To Worker Who Was Fired

Reports are coming in that labour court of Chennai has directed the management of ashok Leyland to pay compensation of 400000 rupees to worker who has terminated for alleged misconduct at its foundry division.

According to the court proceeding r Rajkumar was dismissed by the management on June 16 2016 because of misconduct for allegedly tampering with the computerised attendance database and falsely entering his presence on three days in the month of September 2015, and for claiming wages falsely by tampering with the said record on various dates i.e. 17 days for the period ranging from 01.03.2013 to 22.09.2015. later he was issued with charge sheet with that a disciplinary proceeding was contemplated and a report was also received on the basis of which Rajkumar was dismissed from service.

In opposition to this Rajkumar move to labour court seeking to set aside his dismissal and direct the company to reinstate him with continuity of service and pay back wages and other benefits.

In return of this the court said that it is not incline to accept the contention of the worker about the existence of motive for the management to pressure the worker to send them under the voluntary retirement scheme. court also added that the circumstances under which the management lost confidence are also clearly established and therefore the contention of the company that the worker cannot be directed to be reinstated in the same place is acceptable.

The court also added that the management has to pay compensation within 30 days from the date of publication of its award (June 15) failing which it would be liable to pay interest at 8% per annum on the terminal benefits.

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