24 Jun 2020

Lost Ground Fight And Intent On Cyber Fighting

 China has not been able to succeed in its plans in the Galvan Valley even after doing all the dirty tricks.  Now China has probably understood that it is not so easy to win directly from India by fighting. After the failure of Chinese army, Chinese hackers have launched cyber war against India.  The attempt is to harm the information technology and banking sector of the country.  So that the entire system of India collapses.  But here too, India has acted with great vigor and has thwarted every attack by Chinese hackers.
  Yashshi Yadav, Special Inspector General of Police of Cyber ​​Wing of Maharashtra Police said that Chinese hackers have carried out more than forty thousand cyber attacks on information technology and banking sector in the last five days.  Most of the attacks were carried out from Chengdu, China.  Due to which problems like network interruption, Internet protocol and phishing were encountered.  Therefore, the cyber cell has instructed the users to adopt strong fireballs and conduct cyber security audit.  So that such attacks can be avoided.

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