18 Jun 2020

Now Lord Rama Will End The Dragon

 Despite spreading dangerous viruses around the world, the fraudulent China nature has not changed and now it started disputing Ladakh border with India.  In this ongoing dispute between India and China, India has lost 20 of its soldiers.  Now Lord Rama himself has come to teach China a lesson. In view of the war going on between the two countries, it seems that now Lord Rama will end the Chinese counterpart.

 Actually, a picture from Taiwanese news website on social media is viral these days, in which it can be seen that Lord Ram is ready to end the dragon with Bow and Arrow.  In this viral picture, Lord Rama is seen above and below is the mark on the dragon.  It is also written on this picture, We Conquer We Kill, which means we will win and we will kill. This picture was first published by a social media site of Hong Kong, LIHKG, after seeing this picture, it became viral on social media quickly.  Looking at the way this picture is going viral, it seems that many countries are with India in this fight against China.

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