18 Jun 2020

Before India, China Did Conspiracy With Russia

 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the clash between India and China on the border.  But the vicious China has not yet disclosed how much China has suffered in this clash.  No one from the Chinese government has said anything to media about the loss in the conflict.  But the attitude of China cheating India has not changed.  China is a master in deception from 1969 with Russia.

In the conflict in 1969 with Soviet Russia China had made similar strategies.  Russia and China had fought on the borders the same way in which 31 Soviet border guards were killed.  But how many Chinese soldiers died has not been revealed till date. China is now playing the same game with India.  The Center for Naval Analysis studied the incident with Russia and revealed this vicious strategy of China.  The way China has cheated by strategizing with Russia, according to that, now India should also take its back to deal with China.

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