26 Jun 2020

Osama Bin Laden Martyr For Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan is a country in the whole world where terrorists are given shelter.  Many big terrorists have left Pakistan who have promoted terrorism.  Even after this, Pakistan has never accepted this fact, but now the real face of nefarious Pakistan has been revealed.

 In fact, these days, a video of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is becoming increasingly viral on social media.  In this video, Imran Khan is seen calling the terrorist Osama bin Laden a martyr.  In this viral video, Imran Khan is seen speaking in Pakistan Parliament, 'There was an incident in the past which was very embarrassing for us when Americans came to Abbottabad and went to martyr Osama bin Laden'.  As soon as this video goes viral, the disgusting face of Pakistan has come in front of everyone.  Now everyone knows that after the terrorist is killed in Pakistan, he is given martyr status.

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