10 Jun 2020

Rapid Increase In The Number Of Covid-19 Cases In Delhi

According to reports after the opening of unlock 1.0 the national capital of the country Delhi has been facing challenges in the out speed of covid-19 cases.

After the unlock 1.0 daily the patients which have been coming to the hospital have increased a lot in Delhi.

According to recent reports 1366 cases have a rise today in Delhi of covid-19.  With these cases the total number of covid-19 positive cases are 31,309.

However all the attempts of the Government of Delhi as well as central government to stop the spread of covid-19 has been carrying out but still the results and the number of covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly day by day.  Hence increasing the tensions of the government.

In a statement released by Delhi government yesterday Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal have said that Delhi may soon need 80000 beds in hospitals for the patients who have been admitted for treatment.  

As numbers are rapidly increasing in Delhi right now any good news in covid-19 of spread is still a dream.

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