21 Jun 2020

Ring Of Fire First Seen In Suratgarh Rajasthan

The effect of the first solar eclipse of the year was seen on Sunday in some parts of the country.  First came the picture from Suratgarh in Rajasthan, in which Ring of Fire was made.  The size of the sun was just like a 12 second bracelet.  

According to media reports this amazing astronomical event was captured in photographs from 11.52 am.  According to astronomers, when the moon comes in front of the sun, then there is a solar eclipse.  

During this time darkness starts settling and during summer, additional moisture is also recorded in the atmosphere.  But after a few seconds, the situation starts normalizing.  That is, the Sun starts coming back to its original shape, becoming the Ring of Fire.  

This eclipse was seen in parts of North India.  These include Rajasthan, Haryana, Karukhetra, Uttarakhand, Chamoli, Sirsa and Suratgarh.  Solar eclipse has not been seen in many places due to cloud cover in the sky.  The effect of solar eclipse on Sunday will start from 10.15 am in Indian time and will be from 3:04 PM in the afternoon.

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