29 Jun 2020

Smart Masks Created Panic In The World Of Technology

 Corona virus has spread badly all over the world.  The number of people infected with this epidemic has now crossed 1 crore.  Everyone is now using face masks to avoid this epidemic.  These face masks had already entered the fashion industry, but now these masks are ready to spark a world of technology as well.

 Actually, Donut Robotics, a Japanese startup company, has developed an internet connected 'smart mask'.  The great advantage of these smart masks is that it can transmit messages, and can translate from Japanese to eight other languages.  According to a news agency, it will be fitted over a white plastic standard face mask.  In addition, it will connect to a smartphone or tablet app via Bluetooth.  This app will work like transcribing the speech in a text message, making calls and amplifying the voice of the mask wearer.

 The price of this one mask has been fixed at around Rs 3000.  The company will make this mask available to Japanese citizens by September.  Along with this, China, US, Europe are also considering selling it.  Now it will be seen how smart masks prove to be smart for people.

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