15 Jun 2020

Throwing Norms To The Winds, People Gathered at Manimuktha Dam To celebrate Fishing Festival

Reports are coming in from Kallakurichi district that around 1500 people gathered for a fishing festival at Manimuktha. All norms relating to physical distancing went for a toss.

the video of celebration have gone viral where a shocking scenario unfolded with people congregating in large numbers in areas downstream of the dam.

Locals from Agara Kottakalam, Vaaniyanthal, Ranganathapuram, Siruvangur and Soolankurichi participated in this fishing festival and they not even bothered about the lockdown orders in force or maintaining physical distancing from each other wearing mask.

Reports are coming that the traditional fishing festival is celebrated every year this time also as per the customer large number of fishlings are released into water spread over the damn following rain.

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