15 Jun 2020

Shushant Singh Rajput Life Lessons

Sushant who played a big character, could not play the character of real life.
 Bollywood's best actor Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer among us.  Sushant hanged himself at his home on Sunday, 14 June and gave his life.  Prior to joining the film industry, Sushant has appeared in many TV serials.  In Ekta Kapoor's show Pritha Rishta, he won everyone's heart with his character Manav.  In Bollywood, he started his innings with the film Kai Po Che, after this film, Sushant made many more films, but with the MS Dhoni film on the life of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, he won all the hearts in the film industry.  took.  Sushant got a good recognition after this film.
 There was a dialogue of the MS Dhoni film, 'Every ball is not the same in life, have to play on merit and stick, the score board will automatically increase'.  This dialogue comes when Dhoni regrets becoming a TC in his life, as he has to become a cricketer.  His boss explains this thing to Dhoni.
 Along with this, Sushant had explained the meaning of life quite well through a dialogue in Sushant's last released film Chichhore.  That dialog was ...
 We are so entangled in defeat, victory failure, have forgotten to live life .... If anything is the most important in life, then it is life itself.
 To be called a loser is worse than to be called a loser by others.
 True friends are the ones who play you in good times and when the difficult times come, they are seen standing at your door.
 Along with this, when Sushant's son tries to commit suicide in the film, Sushant explains to him that there is no way to escape from problems in life ..
 But now when in real life Sushant was going through depression, there was no one to explain it to him.  Why did Sushant, who advised the audience not to commit suicide, take his own life from his hands?
 Perhaps this is the bitter reality of the film world.  The characters who are born on the screen are left far away from real life.  The reality of the smiling face on the gleaming silver screen is hidden in layers of makeup.  Often the end of life divided by this fine line of curtain has been so bad.

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