15 Jun 2020

Will Shah Be Able To Save Delhi From Corona?

 Corona virus infection is spreading rapidly in the country's capital Delhi.  The number of infected people is increasing rapidly.  The circumstances of Delhi are not in hands of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. These deteriorating conditions made Amit Shah to take the responsibility to stop the pace of infection in Delhi.

 Amit Shah is in constant view of the situation of Corona in Delhi, many strategies are also being prepared.  According to the news now there will be rapid tests in Delhi that means the patients of Delhi will get instant treatment.  If everything goes well then the situation in Delhi can improve.  Amit Shah has also been successful in the elections for BJP.  Amit Shah was the one who made the strategy of Modi's victory in 2014.  Now that Amit Shah has started a war against Corona in Delhi, it will be seen whether Shah will be able to succeed in this challenge as well.

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