15 Jun 2020

CBI Alerts Police In States And UTs About Racketeers Selling Fake Hand Sanitizer Using Methanol

Reports are coming in that CBI has alerted police in all states , union territories and other law enforcement agencies were given warning about racketeers selling fake sanitizers manufactured using highly toxic methanol and other gang posing PPE and other covid-19 related medical suppliers.

After getting the reports CBI immediately alerted the police authority to remain vigilant about gangs using this technique to make quick money.

reports are also coming that some criminals are approaching hospital and other health authority possessing as representative of manufacturer of PPE kit and other Covid-19 related supplies.

Interpol has given inputs about fake and hand sanitizer being made using methanol , highly toxic substance. Methanol can be highly toxic and dangerous for human bodies consumption of this can result in serious issues.

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