17 Jun 2020

US Warns Chinese Troops Of Provoking Indian Nationalist Tigers

United States of America have issued authorized press release regarding the conflict which has been going on between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh.

In the press release United States of America has confirmed the attack as it was the provoked attacked by Chinese troops which has killed 20 Indian soldiers.

According to US press release Chinese people liberation Army had provoked Indian Nationalist Tigers during a face off which took the life of 20 Indian soldiers.

Last night conflict was the Chinese attempt to de-escalate the situation in Ladakh region.

According to Tom Rogan a famous reporter of United States of America has stated that beating 20 Indian soldiers of Indian military Chinese liberation Army has provoked the Indian Nationalists Tigers.

Reporter Tom wrote in a magazine that Prime Minister Modi e is much efficient to deal with any situation arising out of the conflict between Indian and Chinese troops.

Prime Minister Modi had also redirected Indian sentiments away from their prior obsession with domestic secretarian interest and towards the idea of becoming International power and emerging as a key international player.

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