3 Jun 2020

Vande Bharat Flight Had Series Of Unpleasant Situation In Dabolim Airport

In an unprecedented set of violation of guidelines of Ministry of Health Affairs and Minister of Aviation happened late yesterday late night.  

Yesterday night there was a chaos at the airport when vande Bharat flight landed Dabolim airport since late yesterday night.  A set of unfortunate events then happened when the flight from Dubai landed.

There were around 155 passengers in the flight and most of the passengers were from Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka.  

When the passengers reached airport they started hue and cry for not going for the paid institutional quarantine.  They said they wanted to go to their home and they started chaos situation at the airport.

This situation is the violation of the guidelines given by MHA, MEA and the Ministry of Disaster Management.  The government has taken the serious note of this and are looking into the situation.  

This was informed to the media by our health secretary Nila Mohanan.

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