11 Jul 2020

Alarming Rise In The Cases Of Covid-19 In India

India is experiencing an alarming rise in the cases of covid-19 in the country.  Most of the cases which are reported are from major States of the country.  Despite all the effort of Government of India and health ministry the rise in the cases uncontrolled.

Yesterday's a country has reported highest number of covid-19 active cases.  The number had touched 26,328 in a single day which made a record high.

India has now topping the list of the globe bi coming on the third place in the cases of covid-19.  The cases on Friday had touched 7.5 lakh in the chart.

The total number of deaths is 20,748 till now from covid-19.  The death ratio by this disease is 2.77%.

The highest number of cases which are reported from covid-19 are coming up from Maharashtra which has around 2,77,000 cases.

The second highest cases reported are coming up from Tamilnadu which has around 1,22,000 cases of covid-19.

And Delhi which is the national capital of the country has more than 1 lakh cases and is remaining at the third place in the country to have highest number of cases of covid-19.

Ayush department and Ministry of Health affairs have been trying every possible way to stop the spread of covid-19.  

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