1 Jul 2020

China's Sponsorship In IPL To Be Excluded

In the Galvan Valley, China attacked India by conspiracy in which 20 soldiers of India were martyred.  Since then, the people of the country have resented towards China.  

Demand for boycott of Chinese products has also increased.  Not only this, 55 Chinese apps have also been banned in the country by the Government of India.  After all this, India is now ready to give another big blow to China.

 Actually, India is now ready to quit from China's IPL as well.  According to media reports, Ness Wadia, co-owner of IPL team Kings XI Punjab, has demanded a gradual end to the sponsorship of Chinese companies in the Indian Premier League.  

Wadia says, "We should reduce China's sponsors' share in the IPL for the sake of the country."  This is Indian Premier League and not the China Premier League.  Country comes first and money comes later.  It will be a little difficult to find sponsors in the beginning of Match but there are many sponsors in India who can replace them.  That's why we should do it.

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