21 Jul 2020

Cholesterol Drug Lost Corona

 The corona virus epidemic spread across the world from Wuhan city of China is causing havoc everywhere.  Scientists and doctors around the world are working hard day and night to get this epidemic vaccinated.  Many vaccines have reached their last stage, while human trials of vaccines have started in many places.  But meanwhile, two scientists said that corona patients can be treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

 Let us tell you that Professor Yakov Nahmias of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Benjamin Tenover, a doctor at the New York Ekahan School of Medicine, have claimed that patients with coronas can be treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs.  He was studying this medicine for the last few months.  During this study, very good results of cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate were seen in the lab.  With the use of the drug, the effect of the virus started to weaken and within 5 days the virus disappeared.  After this claim, the demand for fenofibrate drug has started increasing in people.


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