21 Jul 2020

Rafael's Home Entry Will Be In This City On July 29

 India is going to get a big weapon only amidst tense situation between India and China.  There is a possibility of induction of the Rafale fighter aircraft carried by France to India by 29 July in the Indian Air Force.  By joining the Indian Air Force of this fighter aircraft Rafale, our military power to fight the enemy will be increased.  According to the Indian Air Force, the first batch of Rafale fighter aircraft to be transported by France can reach India by the end of July.  There will be five aircraft in this first batch.  Please tell that on July 29, these planes will be kept at Ambala Airforce Station.

Fighter aircraft is considered to be the most capable of destroying the enemy.  Also, another special thing of these aircraft is that they are ready to strike in any weather.  That is, the cold and rainy weather will not affect its engines.  It is also being told that there is nothing in front of these French fighter planes.  At the same time, when China has come to know about the arrival of these planes to India, then China has been sitting silent.

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