13 Jul 2020

Corona First Vaccine Trial Successful

 In the corona epidemic, the whole world is eagerly waiting for the drug of corona.  Meanwhile now a big and good news has come up.  The first corona vaccine has been developed and trial of this vaccine has also been successful.  This claim is done by Sechenov University of Russia.  The university claims that they have made the corona vaccine and its test has also been successful.  However, this vaccine is being tried in many countries.

 Countries around the world are engaged in making vaccines to deal with the corona epidemic, but the vaccine has not yet been made.  But trials around the world have gained momentum.  After Russia's Sechinov University claim that the corona vaccine is expected to be coming by the end of the year.  Sechinov University says that the trial of the manufactured vaccine has already begun.  During this period, several stages of the trial were successful and the first group of people who were tested on this drug will be discharged on Wednesday and the second group on July 20.

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