12 Jul 2020

Dr. Zahid Sets Fair Example For Doctors On Duty

Covid-19 has seen many phases of life where one of the most closest relatives of people who was suffering from covid have left their loved ones in this time of need.

In Covid we have seen many heart-wrenching pictures and stories of people where there were no one to cremate the dead who were suffering from covid-19.

Today we are going to to share with you a story of Kashmiri doctor who hails from Wanihama Dialgam village in Anantnag district. Dr Zahid who has been working in AIIMS Hospital Delhi for nearly two years.

Dr Zahid works in critical care division in AIIMS Hospital Delhi and while he was on duty in the ambulance there was one covid patient who had to be shifted to hospital urgently.

When the patient was being shifted to hospital Dr. Zahid realised that that you was malfunctioned and was mis positioned and without being for the immediate relief the patient would have gone into cardiac arrest. 

The ambulance light was so dim that it was not possible for the doctor to relieve the patient and position the tube working in a PPE kit as the goggle and face shield of PPE kit was fogging up.  So the doctor immediately removed his face mask and goggles of PPE kit.

The doctor performed whole procedure in his N95 mask and reported the matter immediately e to the hospital authorities from where he was asked to Quarantine himself. The patient is now under ventilator support in the hospital.

Dr Zahid has said that he did this after seeing his seniors in doing all the extra mile they could have done for the patients and saving their lives and he has followed his seniors footprints.

Dr Zahid also in said that his father has called him today and has said that if he dies while saving the patience of covid-19 his father will not grieve and will think that his son had died a martyr death.  And he will not mourn on his death.  

The wordings of his father has relieved him so much and the heaviness of his heart has now been removed after he has heard his father.

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