14 Jul 2020

First Covid Vaccine After Successful Trial on Humans Developed By Italy To Be In Market In 40 Days

Recent reports have been coming in from Rome Hospital where Italian scientist claim to have from the antibodies for covid-19.

If this happens this is the first medicine for covid-19. As per reports coming in Italian scientist have confirmed that they have discovered antibodies that could neutralize covid-19 virus in human body.

The Italian scientist have confirmed that they have tested this vaccine on humans as well.  The first test of this vaccine was done on rats and after that successful test this vaccine was given on humans.

Now after successful test on humans this vaccine is now ready to come to market within 40-50 days.  The test was confirmed successful by the scientists in Rome Hospital.

As per reports this vaccine has been able to develop antibodies inside humans that could fight and eradicate covid-19 virus.

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