8 Jul 2020

Oli Will Face Punishment For Hitting India

 On the one hand, there has been an atmosphere of tension in both countries since the clash between China and India in the valley of Galvan.  On the other hand, Nepal, India's neighboring country, also stands against India in this hour of crisis.  Even after the continuous opposition of India, Nepal released its new map and in it told parts of India to Nepal.  Nepal's Prime Minister Oli's attitude with India is not being felt by the people of Nepal as well, due to which the crisis has started deepening on Oli's chair.

 Let me tell you that there is a lot of pressure on Oli to resign from both the party president and the prime minister post.  In this entire issue, China also made all efforts to take over the post of Oli by Chinese Ambassador Hoi Yankee, present in Nepal, intervening.  Even after this, the demand for Oli's resignation in Nepal is strong.  Now it has to be seen how Oli suffers the consequences of hitting the Prime Minister of India.

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