4 Jul 2020

Pune Zilla Parishad Asks People To Donate Old Gadgets To Schools

In a press release bye CEO Pune Zilla Parishad has stated that in the current situation of covid-19 pandemic it is impossible to start the schools and colleges.

In this situation of covid-19 pandemic it is much better for the students to go ahead for online classes.  Since online classes are a better option in this present scenario.

To start with the online classes related material should be provided to teachers so that easy online education could be given.

The CEO has appealed everyone who are using Android smart mobile phone, smart TV, old plasma TV, Tablet and computer which is in a working condition should be donated it to schools.

If these things are donated to schools then they could be given to the poor children so that they can be brought to the mainstream by providing them online education.

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