9 Jul 2020

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone House On Sale

If you are looking for a home in New York your search is now complete.  New York which is the city of stars and Hollywood is full of options for homes.  

Now a days Rocky star Sylvester Stallone house is on sale.  This beautiful mansion is situated in New York and the price given is 3.35 million dollar.

This house was purchased by Rocky star in 2010 and from 2014 this house has been put on sale with the discount of around 1 million dollar.

Rocky star has purchased this house in 4.35 million dollar and now has put this house on sale with 1 million dollar less.

From 2014 this house was put on sale by the Rocky star and the brokers as well as cost of the house was changed again and again.

This house have 4 bedroom with breakfast room and recreation room.  It also have a swimming pool with all modern amenities.  This house is said to be well maintained by Sylvester family and was usually occupied when the family was on vacations.

This time again this house has been put on sale with $1 million less amount then what it was purchased earlier.

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