22 Jul 2020

Tension Over But Indian Villages Adjacent To The Chinese Border Are Empty

 While the border dispute between India and China is slowly ending, a new problem in Uttarakhand on the other side has raised the concerns of the state government. 

In fact, the number of Indian areas bordering China is quite high and decreasing rapidly.  In view of the declining population, the government of Uttarakhand has expressed considerable concern.  

Recently, the Migration Committee of the Uttarakhand State Government through a report has informed that there are about 16 such villages in the radius of five km from the border, where there is not a single family left.  According to a media report, residents of a village bordering China say that they have to face many problems in these areas.

 Villagers say that there is no means of employment other than farming in these areas.  Lack of electricity and lack of mobile network is also a big problem for people.  Because of this, the people of the village are migrating to other places.  At the same time, the government is planning for employment and other necessary facilities to bring people back to these areas.

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