22 Jul 2020

Decision On India's First Encounter

Today we are telling you about the first encounter in independent India on which the hearing lasted for almost 35 years.  No one from Rajasthan has forgotten the encounter with Raja Mansingh and his two companions.  Raja Mansingh of Bharatpur and his associates are going to get justice on the matter about 35 years old.  This case was registered on 21 February 1985, when there was election atmosphere in Rajasthan.  

Raja Man Singh, an independent candidate from the Legion of Legislative Assembly, got out of his jeep to campaign.  That's when Raja Mansingh was taken home by the police while leaving in front of Deeg police station.  After being surrounded by police, there was a shootout between Raja Man Singh and the police, and Raja Man Singh and his companions Sumer Singh and Hari Singh were killed in the incident.

In this 35 year old case, a case was registered against 18 people.  Out of which 11 policemen have been convicted by the Mathura District Court on Tuesday. 

Not only this, in this case, the court has sentenced 11 policemen to life imprisonment.  Rajasthan was waiting for the convicts of this oldest encounter in India to be punished.  At last justice was done.

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