17 Jul 2020

The Closest Picture Of The Sun So Far

 Have you ever thought about how hot the sun can be so hot and full of fire in the summer season?  The sun, whose flames are not able to bear even thousands of crores of us, just imagine how much fire the sun must be sitting inside.  Due to the distance from Earth and the terrible temperature, even though humans have not been able to reach there till today, with the help of NASA's orbiter, the closest picture of the sun has been revealed so far.

 Yes, NASA's orbiter has shown the closest picture of the Sun.  It is clear in the picture that there is countless burning everywhere today.  Let us know that recently the NASA orbiter has released this pictures.  It can be seen clearly in the pictures released that countless small flames are rising everywhere.  Let us know that Daniel Muller, the space scientist and the main member of this project, has named these flames as campfires.

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