17 Jul 2020

This Is The First Time Human Trial In The Country

 Corona virus epidemic is spread across the country.  The number of infected has now crossed 10 lakh.  No specific drug or vaccine has been created for this virus yet.  But in the meantime, a big news has emerged about the vaccine trial from Patna.  Where the country's first corona vaccine's human trial has taken place.

 Actually, the first human trial of the corona vaccine was done in AIIMS, Patna.  Yes, the Patna AIIMS expert team tried a 30-year-old young man for a cocaine vaccine and was given a half-ML dose, then the young man was put into observation for four hours.  With no reaction, the young man was sent home.  After this, this person was called again after seven days, now after 14 days he will be given a second dose again.  Let us tell you that Prabhat Kumar Singh, director of Patna AIIMS, has said that so far 18 people have been tested, out of which 8 people have been given a dose, while some others will also be given this dose.  If this first human trial in Patna is successful, then India can get rid of the corona virus soon.

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