7 Jul 2020

US Planning To Ban Chinese Apps:- US Secretary Mike Pompeo

According to reports coming in Tiktok now gets another Shock.  Since the Chinese attack in the Galvan Valley, the opposition of Chinese goods has started in India.  

59 Chinese apps, including Tittock, have been banned in India.  After India, other countries have also started preparing to ban Chinese apps.
Now US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said in a tweet that now the US government is also considering banning Chinese apps.  Earlier, the Australian government has also said to ban Chinese apps.  

Tiktok has 1.6 million users in Australia.  Australia says that tiktok is gathering people's data and storing it in Chinese servers.   It is a big threat to the security of the country.

 Tiktok is the largest app in the world which have millions of users of worldwide.  Tiktok alone had 200 million users in India.  India has banned 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok.  Since then, Chinese companies have lost thousands of crores.

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