8 Aug 2020

Civil Aviation Minister And Airport Authority Of India On Kozhikode Plane Crash

Reports of coming from Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Kozhikode Plane Crash Incident that there were 190 people on board the aircraft out of them 18 lost their lives. 149 people were also admitted to hospital out of which 23 has been discharged and few patients are in critical condition. 

According to the reports coming in three people are on ventilators.  Hardeep Singh Puri Civil Aviation Minister visited the site of crash and two black boxes have been recovered. The precise cause of this mishap will be determined when analysis of data in these black boxes is done. 

Reports are also coming from airport authority of India that Arvind Singh the chairman of airport authority of India says that the aircraft could not land at the runway where it had to then landing was tried on another runway where the mishap happened. Monitoring situation and airport will become operational soon. 

According to the the reports of Directorate General of Civil Aviation had some issues with the runway in 2015, but after resolving those issues clearance was given to it in 2019. The jumbo jets of Air India also used to land there according to Arvind Singh Airport Authority of India chairman. 

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