24 Aug 2020

American Scientists Discovers Ointment To Fight Covid Virus

According to reports coming in from United States of America a US pharma company has successfully tested an ointment which can be used as an effective treatment against the deadly covid-19 virus.

As per reports coming in a Food and Drug Administration department has approved an ointment as the first line of defence against the deadly coronavirus.

Scientists which are associated with the project said the FDA-registered non-prescription OTC ointment has been proven to prevent, treat and kill viral infections including coronavirus.

“As per the lab report states, no infectious virus was detected after 30 seconds of T3X treatment,” the pharma company said in a statement.

As per reports coming in covid-19 virus as well as other viruses contract humans through nose and this technique eradicates any virus which enters through nose.

However as per reports this product was initially developed eight years ago for resistant-bacterial infections.  But its formulation additionally provides powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral therapies. It has no documented side effects. 

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