24 Aug 2020

Western Railways Incurs Huge Losses Due To Covid-19

At this time of covid-19 situation many divisions of government as well as private sector has suffered heavy losses due to lockdown.

One such department of Government of India is Indian Railways which has incurred Crores of losses due to the cancellation of tickets and stoppage of Railways because of covid-19 lockdown.

As per recent reports coming in Western Railways in a press release has stated that total loss of revenue on account of Coronavirus has been above Rs 2,255 crores.

This loss of Western Railways includes Rs 339 crores for suburban section and Rs 1,916 crore for non-suburban. 

However despite of this, Western Railway has ensured to refund Rs 417.97 crores.

This refund is is against the cancellation of tickets since 1st March, 2020 till 22nd Aug, 2020. 

In this refunded amount, Mumbai division alone, has ensured refund of Rs 201 crores. 

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