27 Aug 2020

Complete Shutdown Of Flights For Three Days In West Bengal

Report having coming in from West Bengal where Government of West Bengal have issued a notice that there should be no flights coming in on the day of lockdown.

According to a letter Union Ministry of Civil Aviation west bengal government has stated that Civil Aviation Ministry should ensure that there is no flight coming to or going out of any airport of West Bengal on 7th, 11th & 12th September.

This letter has been issued with a view that West Bengal will be under complete lockdown on these three days due to two large number of cases coming up for covid-19 in the state.

After the spread of covid-19 the state of West Bengal have been observing complete lockdown on the the Saturdays and Sundays to limit the spread of covid-19.

In a major decisions by West Bengal restriction on flights coming in from six cities, viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai and Ahmedabad, is being partially lifted from 1st September onwards. 

Now the West Bengal government has decided that the flights coming in from these cities can come to the state thrice a week.

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