11 Aug 2020

Corona Vaccine Effects On Obese People


According to the recent reports coming in view of Covid 19 is that corona epidemic is spreading rapidly around the world.  Till now, crores of people have been infected worldwide due to this very serious disease.  Many countries are making vaccines to deal with this virus, but now the news is coming that this vaccine will not be able to work on people with fat.

 Let us tell you that the doctors have already told that the risk of corona epidemic is more for obese people.  Doctors say that it is not that the corona vaccine will not affect the obese people, it will affect it, but how effective it will be on the obese people, it cannot be said.

According to a report published in Aaj Tak, influenza and hepatitis B vaccine have less effect on obese people.  Due to this, obese people fall ill quickly and they also have to face many problems.  Sometimes the situation deteriorates so much that even a person dies.

 Let us tell you that some doctors also say that people with weight and excess fat have less ability to fight against any disease as compared to thin people.  The effect of obesity reads more on the immune system of people.  In some cases, the immune system starts swelling due to obesity, due to which the body has not been able to fight the virus properly.  In a research, it has also come to light that after giving the vaccine, many cases have received very bad response.

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