12 Aug 2020

60 Police Personnel Injured In Clashes In Bengaluru Over Derogatory Post

Reports have been coming in from Bengaluru where around 60 police people have been injured in clashes which arose due to a post on social media.

As per reports around 60 people all from police forces have been injured.  Additional commissioner of police have also been injured in the clashes over the post han social media.

The police station areas of DJ Halli and KG Halli have been most affected in the clashes.  

According to police commissioner Bengaluru Kamal Pant accused Naveen have been arrested by the police forces for allegedly sharing derogatory post on social media.

A mob also attacked a Congress MLA house on tuesday night and also went on a rampage by throwing stones at nearby houses and talking app of vehicles which was standing next to the MLA house.

A Facebook post of my sister's son has gone viral which has put on the flames of violence.  The post was set to be against some community.

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