12 Aug 2020

Medal For Excellence In Investigations, 2020 Awarded To 121 Police Personnel

Reports are coming from home ministry that Union Home Minister Medal For Excellence in Investigations 2020 was awarded to 121 police personnel . These 121 police personnel are consist of 15 CBI officers,  10 each from MP and Maharashtra Police , 8 from UP Police ,7 each from Kerala and West Bengal and the remaining from other States/UTs. 

According to the reports coming in these also include 21 women police officers. This medal was constituted in 2018 to promote high professional standard of investigation of crime. 

According to the reports coming that home minister Amit Shah are also congratulate all the recipients of medal for excellence in investigation 2020. He also says that this is recognition of outstanding service and commitment of a police personnel. India is really proud of them. 

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