11 Aug 2020

Did Mount Sinabung overtook the Lebanese blast

Just a few days ago there was a huge explosion in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, in which many buildings as well as a lot of life loss happened. And it is has only been a one week that this incident happened, now there is a similar blast in Indonesia, which has spread panic all over Indonesia.

Mount Sinabung volcano of Indonesia has once again erupted on Monday.  Smoke was seen rising to a height of about five thousand meters due to the explosion of this volcano.  There is no news of any loss of life from the blast of this volcano which erupted Monday morning.  This explosion in the time of pandemic has made the situation more serious.  Because after the volcano eruption people gathered at one place without any restrictions for covid 19. People didn't wore face mask and not followed social distancing.  But after the explosion in the volcano, experts have issued a warning of rapid lava and explosion.

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