11 Aug 2020

US President Donald Trump Escorted By Security Personnel In Between Press Briefing

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where President Donald Trump in a Press briefing has stated that USA has been very disappointed with the arts of China.

China who was the main reason in the spread of covid-19 pandemic to the world it is not a tall ashamed of its deeds.

United States of America is the first country across the globe which has reached the tested limit of 15 million people.  It has done covid test on more than 15 million people and is the first country to reach that limit.

After America India has reached 3.1 million covid testing across the globe.

When President Donald Trump was addressing media he was escorted out by the security people leaving the press briefing in between.  

Later it was known that there was a shooting outside White House which was controlled by security forces and as a precautionary step US President Donald Trump was escorted back by his security personnel from White House Press briefing room.

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