19 Aug 2020

Face Mask Wearing Machine In The Market

 Astonishing: Corona is currently battling an epidemic in the whole world.  Crores of people have been infected with this dangerous virus worldwide.  At the same time, no vaccine has been prepared for this infection so people are saving themselves by following face mask, hand sanitizer and social distance.  But now you will not have to touch it even for wearing a face mask, because a new machine has come in the market which will also wear a mask.

 Let us tell you that a video was posted on Twitter by American basketball player Rex Chepman.  In the video, we see how a machine puts a face mask on a young man.  With the video, Rex wrote in the caption, "My friend has invented a machine called The Corinator, which blasts masks at people".  Let us know that people are liking the video very much.

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