26 Aug 2020

First Recovery From Nirav Modi of US $ 3.25 Million Received By Punjab National Bank

Reports have been coming in from Nirav Modi case where Punjab National Bank has informed that it has received US Dollar 3.25 million (equivalent of Rs. 24.33 crores) as the first tranche of recoveries in Nirav Modi case from USA.

As per reports coming in from Ministry of Corporate Affairs Punjab National Bank was the main banker when Nirav Modi took  bad loans.  

And now now around US dollar 3.25 million as first installment of the recovery of the loan which Nirav Modi has taken from Punjab National Bank.

Nirav Modi after he was investigated in the bad loans of Punjab National Bank fled the country two United States of America.  

India does not have any treaty to bring Nirav back but 8 India's treaty with United States of America in taking the money back from Nirav Modi to the country is now fruitful.

As Punjab National Bank which is the leading banking of the country has received first installment of its bad loan from Nirav Modi.

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