7 Aug 2020

Now Big Disclosure On Plasma Therapy

 The corona epidemic was raging across the country.  The number of infected by this epidemic has now crossed 20 lakhs.  There has been no vaccine of this epidemic yet, so doctors were treating corona patients through plasma therapy. But now a research has found that this plasma therapy is no longer effective in the treatment of corona.

 Actually, a research by Delhi AIIMS has found that plasma therapy is not effective in reducing the death rate of corona.  Let us tell you that this has been estimated based on a research done by AIIMS on 30 patients.  At the same time some doctors have found that plasma therapy has not reduced the death rate, but this therapy has seen improvement in the patient's chances of survival.

 Explain that not only India but also many countries of the world, corona is being treated with plasma therapy.  Plasma therapy involves taking blood plasma of a person who has recovered after being infected with the corona virus.  The person's plasma is then inserted into the body of an infected patient.  This increases the person's chances of survival.  However, in many cases, the person has become completely healthy with plasma therapy.

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