7 Aug 2020

US President Donald Trump Bans Transactions With WeChat Owners

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where President Donald Trump has issued interim orders posing Tiktok as a threat to the country.

US President Donald Trump in his executive order have said that to begin with the 45 days any transaction done with byte dance will be prohibited.  

This has been done to stop intrusion of China in US economy.

US President in his letter to the Congressional had said that every transaction will be banned starting with 45 days with messenger app WeChat owner Tencent.

This information has been shared by the media through Reuters.

This has been a very stern action with regard to us policy which Chinese companies and Chinese Government.

This will directly affect the economy of China.  Chinese companies and government of China has been facing these restrictions after the outspread of covid-19 pandemic which had spread from China.

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